Welcome to St Lukes Greytown.

In the heart of Greytown, everybody is invited to join us in sharing God's joy.


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Thought for the week

Everyone has different ideas about what family is. What does that mean for you. Here's one thought INCLUSION

Involved - it is great to see a wider cross section of the congregation in the service

New - it's a little less intimidating for people not use to coming to worship when things are more relaxed

Child like = we can all let loose a little in our worship, clap our hands, do a bit of a wiggle

Love - sharing the love with everyone in the family

Unified - connecting people together in the different styles of a service

Simple - God's message so all can understand

Interesting - when we don't stick to the same rules all the time things often get interesting

Opportunities - there are lots of times and places for people to grow in their gifts that God has given

Nurturing - the chance for us to care for the faith and wellbeing of all those in our family